The Metro District is committed to reaching every man, woman, and child within our District’s boundaries, on its borders, and throughout the world. One primary way we do this is through church planting or, even better yet, church multiplication (i.e., new churches that in turn reproduce themselves). It is our vision that every church participate in the exciting work of church multiplication. We want churches to plant churches which plant churches….

We recognize that one style of church will not reach the region. No single type is sufficient. Therefore, we look to empower men and women for a variety of church planting models:

  • Missional communities in Morris County
  • A community theatre company near Atlantic City
  • A multi-ethnic church in Philadelphia
  • A house church network in New York City
  • A Community Development Center in Trenton
  • A fast growing “attractional” church in an AMC theatre
  • A multi-site church in South Jersey

There are many more possibilities and we are open to how the Spirit guides us to better reach people.

Though the Metro District does not geographically include Philadelphia, we are partnering with the Eastern Pennsylvania District to plant churches throughout that city as well. The Philadelphia Missional Team oversees and coordinates our efforts with other local networks (e.g., Acts 29, etc.).

For Church Planters

Our Church Planter Development Process is designed to increase a church planter’s effectiveness. It helps raise up church planters within our churches and screens & prepares those coming from outside. We envision church planters as being part of a team and not being “out there” by themselves. Our process includes assessment, training, coaching, and support.

For Churches

The District does not plant churches. Instead, we come alongside our churches to assist them in church multiplication. Your church can be a part of the vision to reach more people through church multiplication.

  • Mother a church: Your church takes on the full responsibility of mothering a daughter church, forming the vision, raising the leadership, sending out a launch team, and giving the church oversight until it is mature and able to reproduce itself.
  • Partner church: A partner church says we want to church plant but we can’t do it alone. We need other partner churches. The church takes on a share of responsibility in the planting of a new church, perhaps alongside of a mother church or a group of churches. The church members visit, do outreach, support and pray for the new church.
  • Church Planting Network: A church planting network is formed when a group of churches choose to work together in a particular region to plant a church together. They plan, strategize, support, and work closely together to impact a region.

Map of church plants