Identify a Church Supervisor – A church supervisor is an Ordained or Consecrated Minister in your church of ministry who supports and advocates for your Ordination/Consecration and oversees your role in the church. You will meet with your church supervisor for quarterly evaluations. Download the Ministry Supervisor Form

Register on Edmodo - The first step in your Church Worker Residency is to join Edmodo, follow this link to enroll in the Church Worker Modular in Edmodo Once you enroll someone from the Pathway team will approve you to join each of the classes.  All assignments will be turned in through this platform. Link to Pathway CW Residency Edmodo

Complete 3 Ministry Modules: 

  1. NOW Module: Next Date - Jan. 26, 2019
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: Alliance Mission and Pastoral Formation.
    • Read the Pursuit of God
    • Read Dangerous Calling
    • Complete Exam on Alliance Mission and Pastoral Formation
  2. Polity Module: Next Date - April 27, 2019
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: Alliance Polity and Pastoral Ethics
    • Read All for Jesus
    • Develop Personal Pastoral Code of Ethics
    • Read C&MA Manual & complete online exam 
  3. Pastoral Leadership Module: Next Date - Oct. 6, 2018
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: Alliance Theology and Pastoral Leadership.
    • Read the Four Fold Gospel
    • Read Resolving Everyday Conflict
    • Complete Exam on Alliance Theologyand Pastoral Leadership

Bible Reading – Read through the entire Bible. 

Cohort Participation: Participate 6x in an assigned cohort with other Church Ministry Worker residents

Oral Examination – The candidate shall satisfactorily complete an oral examination by the district’s License, Ordination and Consecration Council.  Please contact the district office to schedule a date.  Interviews are scheduled monthly.