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Class Assignments Chart 2017-2018

Ministry Hours Log

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September Classes

Old Testament - L. Warren

OT Syllabus                                                                      OT Reading Report

How to Create an OT Theology Paper                           OT Paper Rubric

OT Theology Paper Template                                         OT Sample Theology Paper

Spiritual Formation - W. Walborn

Spiritual Formation Syllabus September

October Classes

Role of the Holy Spirit- R. Walborn

Role of the Holy Spirit Syllabus

Spiritual Formation - W. Walborn

Spiritual Formation Syllabus October

November Classes

Understanding Your Calling- M. Sanders

Understanding your Calling Syllabus

Addressing Conflict- M. Park

Addressing Conflict Syllabus

February Classes

New Testament- A. Davis Abdallah

New Testament Syllabus

Prayer- M. and L. Plunket

Prayer Syllabus

March Classes

The Kingdom of God- R. Reimer

Kingdom of God Syllabus

Spiritual Gifts- R. Walborn

Spiritual Gifts Syllabus

April Classes

Mission of the Church- I. Davis

Mission of the Church Syllabus

Biblical Tools- S. Samson

Biblical Tools Syllabus