Equipping Churches

We equip the local church to be a vibrant Gospel presence.

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Our Purpose

To equip churches with the resources and support they need to bring holistic Gospel transformation within their community.


When Jesus established the church, He commissioned the apostles to equip his people, serve others, build up the body, pursue unity, and grow in Christ until they attained the full measure of Christ. We believe the mission of the church is still the same today. The church is the vessel of Christ’s love and mercy, redemption and healing to society.

Our Strategy

Inspire Churches We inspire churches to fulfill their gospel mission within their local context.

Provide Resources We provide resources to churches according to their unique needs.

Foster Partnerships We foster collaborative partnerships among district churches.

Establish Systems We assist churches in establishing systems for assessment and improvement.

Health & Multiplication We support churches for healthy growth and multiplication.

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Support Services

In the life of the church unexpected challenges, transitions, crises, and new opportunities are normative. We are expert first responders and we are here to help you navigate the unpredictable. Our team responds by providing the support needed to navigate the situation, consultation and counseling for the transition, and direction for next steps ahead.

Church Resources

We provide local churches with developmental and operational resources to bring health and vitality to essential church systems including leadership, discipleship, community development, missional outreach, worship services, finances and legal services.

PEAK Profile

For every church, big or small, with a long legacy, a fresh start or a new plant we believe in fostering a culture of improvement. The PEAK Profile is our primary tool to identify where a church is thriving and where there are opportunities for greater development. It also provides a common language for the development process.

Next Gen Ministry

This program provides your church with an experienced team of Next Gen Ministry leaders ready to equip, encourage, and empower your youth and children’s ministries. Our goal is to:

  • Unite Next Gen Ministry leaders.
  • Equip churches to effectively reach kids and families by providing resources and support.
  • Encourage and empower one another within our local contexts.

Grow Team

Doug Bortner Grow Team Leader

Frank Fung Chinese Church Strategist

Darea Hastie Kids Ministry Strategist

Kerri Niebles Kids Ministry Strategist

Eric Peloquin Youth Ministry Strategist

Brian Snyder Church Strategist

Kim Valenzuela PEAK Strategist

Daniel Villa Spanish Church Strategist

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