Jesus commissioned us to live on mission as a lifestyle.  We do this in our local community (M-1), in urban regions and to immigrant communities (M-2), and to the “ends of the earth” (M-3).  He invites us to be part of “telling His Story” (witnesses) in all three spheres.

Jesus has blessed us as Great Commission disciples in the Christian and Missionary Alliance with hundreds of trustworthy networks connecting us with opportunities in 45 countries around the world.  And there is potential opportunity to partner with C&MA ministries in 81 countries of the world.

  • We partner with our 42 International Workers [“sent ones”] from this district. Contact the district office for workers available in the district right now to speak to your group. Please contact Becky Daniels to schedule an International Worker.
  • We build viable partnerships of our congregations with a country or team where our “sent ones” serve.  The partnerships provide service opportunities for our congregations.  You may write to Paul Keidel to learn how to engage your group.
  • We give of our financial resources to support the bread and butter of our workers in places as far away as Mongolia, as secret as Tea House and Beckstown, and as open as Senegal.  And when we invest in them we can see the outcomes of our investment. Investment can be made online at
  • We send our own workers to serve beside people who live and serve missionally in another culture.

Influencing another culture requires careful thought and planning.  We provide consulting and guidance to churches and planning committees that want to strengthen their missional impact to the M-3 people of the world.

Read about the Four Initiatives of Mission 1:8 and learn how you can become involved.

Initiative 1 Connect

Congregations in greater Metropolitan region have many global networks to connect to the majority world.  Through the forty two international workers that serve from our churches, there are many opportunities to partner with PEOPLE, PLACES or PROJECTS that fit our PASSION.  Global Connect is our district wide initiative designed to link local churches with C&MA causes in the non-North American world.  “Global Connect” for pastors takes qualified pastors to a chosen country of the world where they will learn up front and close how to link their congregation with Alliance work. Please write to Paul Keidel ( if you would like to join one of these heart-changing visits.

Our district focuses on nine principle countries where churches can express their PASSION for people. A trained Country Consultant is also available to talk to you about your country of interest.  (click here for this list)


If you have not participated in a Global Connecting Trip, please contact Paul Keidel (

Our goal is 90 pastors trained by 2018.

Initiative 2 Train

We train Mission 1:8 Coaches and Country Consultants to initiate and coordinate church activities that link C&MA churches through prayer and service to Alliance international workers and events.  Acts 1:8, like Mission 1:8, is Christ’s plan for the church.  The vibrant church that makes “fully engaged followers of Christ” will find that vision to be part of their everyday conversation, 365 days of the year.  This isn’t for fans but for committed followers of Christ who desire to live “missionally” every day in every community that Christ outlines in his Commission.

The Mission 1:8 coach’s training is a three hour concentrated seminar that will inform and empower the mission leaders of the church to be global link “cheerleaders."  It will give them the resources and understanding needed to focus their congregation’s vision on making “fully engaged followers of Christ.”  Contact Paul Keidel ( for training opportunities.

Seminar Overview:

Desired Outcome: That participants will serve together to develop a 365 day mission education and awareness--The Mission 1:8. 

I.   Build your mission impact team

Learn how to bring people and enthusiasm together.

II. Partners in Mission

Learn how to increase involvement through partnership ("Launching Partnerships" DVD).

A.   Partner Activities

B.   3 Actors in a partnership

III. Doing Our Share

Learn how to invest in God's work across the world

Download principle training documents below:

Initiative 3 Go & Send

The best way to capture hearts for the “mission” is through hands-on experience.  There are innumerable networks through the C&MA to get young people’s hands dirty.  Often the hands-on experience becomes the channel of the Holy Spirit to confirm a person’s call to career service in another culture. Our goal is that a minimum of 100 teens and young adults will get involved in these types of opportunities.  We are praying that God will call apart forty foreign workers during the next eight years.

Young people will discover God's plan for their lives through Envision ministries in thirteen countries of the world.  Envision provides the challenge of cross-cultural service to teens and adults.  There are many other opportunities through our International Workers living in a chosen country—they know how to get people involved in ministry opportunities.

To discover a short term opportunity in the country of your interest you may go to ENVISION or you may also contact Paul Keidel (

There are many opportunities for cross cultural service in our own New York City and Philadelphia areas.


Abraham Sandler, Philadelphia or NYC Jewish ministries

 Initiative 4 Invest

The greatest sustainable impact that our churches make in telling The Story to the nations (M-2 and M-3) is to serve as senders who partner through prayer and finances with C&MA workers and their projects.

The People of God build the body when they joyfully give.  In the Metro district, God’s people show this when they give their time or skills to tell the Story.  There is great rejoicing when they invest their wealth.  Jesus taught that “… where your treasure is, there your heart is also” (Matt 6:21), which affirms that our churches are investing where we can see the greatest impact.  Our goal is that our collective giving from all of our churches will advance from a 2007 total giving of $1.9 million to $4 million by the year 2018 to C&MA global causes.
This is a church’s strongest influence link to the global world. One pastor shockingly stated during his visit with our international workers, “It is possible that if each district church reduces its giving to C&MA global causes by one dollar, that a worker could be brought home because of insufficient funds!”

If you have questions about how to give to the Great Commission Fund or IRS related questions, please contact Paul Keidel ( or Bonnie VanOrnum (

 "Tea House" Donations

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