Please complete the following forms so we can begin the licensing process. Feel free to contact Andy Jelliffe (ajelliffe@metrocma.orgif you have any questions. When these steps are completed you will be invited to the district office for your accreditation interview.

In order to be an official worker with the Metropolitan district you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Background Check – Please download the Authorization Form, fill out, and return it to the district office, so we can do a background check.  This is standard procedure for every worker.
  • I-9 Form  Please download, fill out, and return this I-9 Form to the Metro District Office via email or regular mail.  Please be sure to include the appropriate form(s) of identification as indicated on the form.  Please DO NOT fax the forms since the ID(s) never come through clear.
  • Official Transcript – Please request that your official transcript which indicates your Bible/Theological/Ministry training be sent to the Metro District Office, PO Box 7060, Newark, NJ 07107.
  • Church Letter – Please have your church governance authority provide a letter to the district with the following request for licensing:  official request indicating the start date and what position the candidate (you) will be appointed to fill.  Candidate’s ministry description should include: position, accountability structure, compensation, hours expected to work, and key ministry responsibilities.  If you are not yet connected with a church, please contact your Regional Team Leader (North, South, Urban) to provide a letter.
  • Identify a Ministry Coach.  This person needs to be a licensed C&MA worker with whom the candidate has a good connection and to whom the candidate can be accountable on a regular basis.  Meeting at least once a week for coaching is optimal, depending on schedule demands.
  • Plan to register for and attend the Alliance Polity & Pastoral Ethics Course on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Metro District Office, 275 Sussex Ave., Newark.