It is the task of every local church to reach out to the local community within its influence.  This is best done when the church has identified the specific people who live there and the task of reaching them is owned by specific people.  The task of reaching a community is less likely to happen when no one has a specific assignment.  The implication of this truth is that every disciple of Christ in the local church must be mobilized and equipped to take on the responsibility of reaching a specific people group in the community (a block, a school community, medical personnel at a specific hospital, classmates, those in the soccer club, etc.)

To reach every man, woman, and child, we need to live purposely and sacrificially to provide a witness of Jesus to those within our influence.  This will require living with a missionary spirit.  In most cases, in order for the entire community to have an opportunity to hear of Jesus through a personal relationship, it will require that like-minded churches band together to identify and own specific assignments to live missionally.

An example of this is a small group near Hamilton, NJ, who had several children who were autistic.  They realized that they each had a network of people who also had autistic children and that a center for autistic children was a hub for such relationships.  They prayed and decided to live as missionaries (live missionally) to reach these families.  Recently there was a baptism where one of these families shared how they came to know of the love of Christ – through the loving relationships of this small group.

In the Northeast, fewer and fewer people will dare to go to church for answers to their problems.  We will have to go to them.  And this is our instructions from our Lord… “go into all the world”.  What if we took seriously the responsibility of bringing Jesus to every people group in our community and lived intentionally and sacrificially to love them and share our lives?

What is your strategic plan to reach your entire community?  A master plan for the church should address M1, M2, and M3 as each church should be engaged in the ACTS 1:8 mission of Christ.

Missional Communities Flow Chart | Metro District of the C&MA

 Missional Resources


  • (a network of churches living missionally and sharing Missional practices)
  • (a site for collaboration of many different churches and networks that are living missionally to reach their communities.  This site offers great tracks to run on for those churches just get started)
  • (This is Allan Hirsch’s site, the leading voice of Missional church in the world today)


  • The Tangible Kingdom, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay
  • The Tangible Kingdom Primer, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay
  • The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch
  • The Forgotten Ways Handbook, Alan Hirsch

Mentoring Churches for Missional Church

Stephen Lythe, Morristown Community Church

Office: 973-377-2255 *120

Mobile: 908 656-0065


Rob Parker, The Plant

Mobile: 201 725-0727


John Isemann, Mendham Hills Chapel

Office: 908 879-2880

Mobile: 908 672-1980


Hybrid Attractional/Missional Mentoring Churches

Brian McMillian, Center Point Community Church

Office: 516 826-0432

Mobile: 516 659-3453


David Butler, Oasis

Office: 732 519-3303

Mobile: 732 406-7821


Josh Conn, 217 Church

Office: 609-799-9000

Mobile: 609-213-5687