Over the past several months the District Leadership Team, DEXCOM, and the LO&CC have been working to improve the Ordination/Consecration Track for the Metropolitan District. We are excited to walk with you over the next few years as you journey through Ordination or Consecration. During this journey, we desire to see you sharpen your ministry skills, deepen your character, and grow as a Christ-like leader through intentional mentoring. In addition, we hope that you discover and embrace the deep theological and missional values of The Alliance through the discipline of personal study. We sincerely intend to make this journey meaningful and not merely ‘jumping through hoops’.

Licensing Requirements   Before you can begin the ordination & consecration process, you must complete your provisional licensing requirements.

Types Of Licenses    Everyone who is initially credentialed as an Alliance minister is issued a Provisional Worker’s License to prepare workers for one of three licensing platforms, Ordination, Consecration, or Church Worker.

Materials And Forms

Ordination Preparation Track:  The Ordination Preparation Track is to prepare pastoral candidates who  (or one day desire to) have the primary responsibility of preaching and teaching the Word of God, administering ordinances, and leading the church. Candidates will have three years to complete all the Requirements of Ordination.  Each year Ordination Candidates will attend two in-service training days that will cover theological topics, practical ministerial training, and spiritual formation to preparing candidates for ordination. When all the requirements of Ordination are completed the district will assign the Ordination Candidate a sponsor from the LO&CC who will prepare them for the written and oral examination.  See the Schedule for Ordination Track for training dates, deadlines, and exams.

Consecration Preparation Process:  The Consecration Preparation Track is to prepare women ministers who (or one day desire to) to have the responsibility of preaching and teaching the Word of God and administering the ordinances under the oversight of elders and/or an ordained official worker, and providing leadership to the church and its ministries.

Church Ministry Preparation Process:  The Church Ministry Preparation Track is to prepare men and women who serve in local church ministries involving the ministry of God’s Word and limited leadership responsibilities, but who do not seek to serve as an ordained or consecrated worker, nor exercise the privileges of ordained/consecrated ministry. Persons who hold this license serve the church under the immediate oversight of an ordained official worker.