Provisionally Licensed Workers

What is a Provisionally Licensed Worker?

A provisional license is a preparatory license to provide opportunity for mentoring by experienced pastors, development of skills in ministry and church leadership, and demonstration of Christian character for persons who are called to serve the church as an official worker with the possibility of ordained or consecrated ministry. (Uniform Policy on Licensing and Certification, Manual of the C&MA (E3-3-4)). A Provisionally Licensed Worker is an accredited minister who holds a licensed position in a ministry. The minister receives a provisional license for a maximum of 3 years as the minister pursues a permanent ministry status either as a Church Ministry Worker or as an Ordained/Consecrated Worker. If the minister does not complete the permanent status requirements within 3 years then the provisional license will be revoked. 

Church Ministry Workers

What is a Church Ministry Worker License?

A Church Ministry Worker License is a permanent ministry license to serve in the C&MA. It enables ministers to serve in the local church for the ministry of God’s Word with limited leadership responsibilities,  who do not seek to serve as an ordained or consecrated minister, nor exercise the privileges of ordained/consecrated ministry. Persons who hold this license serve the church under the immediate oversight of an ordained or consecrated minister.


What is Consecration?

Consecration in The Christian and Missionary Alliance is the public recognition and affirmation of God’s call to women for a lifetime of service. This call, distinct from human vocational choice, is exercised through God-given and Holy Spirit empowered giftedness for an effective witness about Jesus Christ and proclamation of biblical truth for the purpose of reconciling people to God and equipping God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations.” Women who are called, gifted, and qualified are consecrated for gospel ministry and commended for service in the Church. Such persons have successfully completed the requirements of education, in-service training, and a minimum of two years of ministry experience and have been duly examined by the district License, Ordination, and Consecration Council (LO&CC).


What is Ordination?

Ordination is the Church’s public recognition of the call from God, distinct from human vocational choice, to men for a lifetime ministry, through speech and exemplary lifestyle, of preaching and teaching the Word of God, protecting God’s people from spiritual enemies and doctrinal heresies, overseeing and promoting the spiritual development of God’s people, and equipping God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations” for the purpose of knowing and glorifying God by obeying His will and building His Kingdom. The occasion for setting men apart for such ministry is the Church’s affirmation of the candidate’s faithful completion of preparation for ordination through approved education, in-service training, field experience with mentoring for a minimum of two years, and examination by a qualified council of peers.


What is a Cohort?

Cohorts incorporate the biblical model of discipleship as we learn and grow in small groups. The Cohort model is used in Pathways to provide ministers a small group for peer to peer learning and building peer relationships. 

Cohort Details: 

  • 6-7 residents of close geographical proximity 
  • Led by a member of District Staff & co-led by a District Pastor 
  • Pre-meeting assignment 
  • Pre-meeting devotional explaining biblical framework of topic
  • Meetings follow an outlined discussion


What is my Church's Role?

  • Assign Church Supervisor
  • Quarterly Church Supervisor Evaluations to be completed with Resident
  • Pastor & Elder commitment to support Resident for time & financial investment required for Residency
  • Church Supervisor participates in final interview

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