Identify a Church Supervisor – A church supervisor is an Ordained or Consecrated Minister in your church of ministry who supports and advocates for your Ordination/Consecration and oversees your role in the church. You will meet with your church supervisor for quarterly evaluations. 

Complete 3 Ministry Modules: 

  1. NOW Module: Next Date - Jan. 26, 2019
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: New Official Workers Orientation with Missions Emphasis
    • Read the Four Fold Gospel
    • Read the Pursuit of God
  2. Polity Module: Next Date - April 27, 2019
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: Alliance Polity with Pastoral Code of Ethics Emphasis
    • Read All for Jesus
    • Develop Personal Pastoral Code of Ethics
    • Read C&MA Manual & complete online exam 
  3. Pastoral Leadership Module: Next Date - Oct. 6, 2018
    • Attend 1 day seminar at District Office: Pastoral Leadership with Evangelism & Discipleship Emphasis
    • Read Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
    • Read Resolving Everyday Conflict

Bible Reading – Read through the entire Bible. 

Cohort Participation: Participate 6x in an assigned cohort with other Church Ministry Worker residents

Oral Examination – The candidate shall satisfactorily complete an oral examination by the district’s License, Ordination and Consecration Council.  Please contact the district office to schedule a date.  Interviews are scheduled monthly.