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Equipping worship & media teams to lead their congregations in ministering to the presence of God.

Annual Conference and Training

We host an annual conference where worship leaders and their teams can be developed and ministered to through corporate worship, keynote speakers and breakout training sessions.

2020 Metro Worship Event :: November  7 

LIVE @ Stonecrest Community Church, Warren, NJ

Online Stream offered after the event.

Guest Speakers: Drs. Ron and Wanda Walborn

Many Worship Leaders and team members are asking, “Does what I’m doing even matter?” 

Leading worship through the pandemic has taken a toll on teams: 

  • Stress of learning new skills like filming, editing, producing, and streaming.  
  • No longer seeing the congregation in front of you as you lead them. (so we start wondering, “are they even watching and engaging at home?”)
  • A Worship team is built around community and relationship.  Due to COVID, it has been very difficult to maintain those relationships that are strengthened through working together week after week to lead worship.
  • Worshippers and Musicians are prone to self-doubt (Am I good enough? Am I called? Do I belong?) and those lies have intensified in this season (very easy to compare our “subpar” live-stream to Elevation and Hillsong).

Metro Worship 2020 will provide time and space for Worshipers to find healing, acceptance and freedom in the intimate presence of God.  We’re believing for a renewed sense of purpose: What we do matters.  Even though we aren’t leading our congregations the way we used to, we can minister TO the presence of God, no matter where we are or who else is in the room, and that’s what we’re called to do first and foremost.  This November, join us as we journey together back to the heart of worship.  Register below!

*Due to social distancing guidelines, live attendance will be limited to Worship Leaders, Pastors and Music Directors.

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